Mechanical Services

Logbook And Car Servicing

We can provide professional servicing and maintenance work with no loss of manufacturer warranty coverage.

  • For all vehicle models of any age, even new ones
  • Petrol, diesel and electric/hybrid vehicles
  • Won’t void your new car manufacturer’s warranty
  • Official service booklet recording

Periodic car servicing is something that every responsible car owner does. But you need to know you can fully trust the skills and integrity of your chosen provider. Go with Bosch Car Service, and you will have complete peace of mind.

If you always want to have total confidence in the safety and reliability of your vehicle, you should certainly take it for a general car maintenance service on a regular basis and according to the vehicle manufacturer’s servicing intervals.

The most important benefit of keeping up proper car servicing is the feeling of absolute assurance that you have a safe vehicle.

In addition to the safety concerns, failing to get a check-up from an expert provider at the right time may make your car less than 100% reliable.

Bosch Car Service should be your car servicing provider of choice because they have the knowledge and procedures to deliver the highest levels of safety and reliability. This expertise expresses itself in several ways.

Firstly, when you request servicing from Bosch Car Service, you can expect absolute thoroughness and attention to detail. What is included in a car service? That will partly be determined by the service schedule of your vehicle, but in general it will cover a huge range of checks to systems that are related to safety, reliability and performance. The Bosch Car Service staff will replace any parts that are broken or worn out and will top up any fluids that need it. Oil and filter replacement are standard, which contributes to good performance.

Secondly, Bosch Car Service have an unrivaled knowledge of manufacturers’ guidelines for the steps involved in servicing. They will never deviate from them or cut corners in any way. In addition, they will always use genuine spare parts and high-quality materials.

Finally, Bosch Car Service are defined by their integrity. With other car servicing offers you may find yourself suspecting that problems have been identified unnecessarily, but Bosch Car Service always has the customer’s best interests at heart.

Car servicing is just as important for new vehicles as for older vehicles. At every stage in your car’s lifecycle, you should stay appraised of the servicing schedule specified by the manufacturer. You should definitely not be tempted to avoid taking your car for its regular service just because it is new.

For owners of new cars, the good news is that the warranty will not be affected in any way by your decision to have the vehicle serviced by a Bosch Car Service rather than a workshop associated with the manufacturer. It is your right to have servicing done wherever you wish without losing out in relation to your warranty. Moreover, Bosch Car Service has a level of expertise that is second to none, so your car will be serviced to the highest standards – as you would want for your treasured new vehicle.

In fact, if you do choose to have your car servicing carried out by a Bosch Car Service workshop, you will benefit from the Bosch Car Service Nationwide Warranty, as with all Bosch Car Service maintenance packages. That is on top of the manufacturer’s warranty. As a result, you will have a great feeling of double protection.

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Specialist Auto Group Cambridge
Specialist Auto Group Cambridge

Multi-Point Check And Other Vehicle Inspections

Whether you’re selling your used car, planning a road trip, or buying a used car, Specialist Auto Group Cambridge is equipped to assist you with our inspection services. Our expert mechanics ensure that your vehicle meets the safety standards to be driven on Tasmanian roads. We also ensure that you make an informed decision when buying a second hand car. This way you can avoid nasty surprises and make an informed purchase decision.

Rather than sending your car for a basic service, ask Specialist Auto Group – Cambridge for a thorough multi-point check.

  • Improves safety and reliability
  • Increases fuel efficiency
  • Decreases overall cost of ownership
  • Helps to retain resale value

It is tempting to neglect the servicing of your vehicle, or to do the bare minimum and hope for the best, but thorough and regular checks have a host of benefits in the long run. And the multi-point check of Bosch Car Service combines a lot of different points and checks for your car.

Here at Specialist Auto Group Cambridge, our expert staff can help you with:

  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Pre-trip inspections
  • Bosch Multi-point check

Everyone knows that it is important to have your vehicle serviced regularly – if only to protect your investment. But let’s face it, servicing schedules can be complicated and difficult to understand. So, we put it off and try not to think about the consequences of poor maintenance, which can include breakdowns and worse.

But here’s good news: Bosch Car Service have designed a multi-point check for cars to help you give your vehicle the care it deserves in the easiest possible way. Most importantly, this thorough service will give you complete peace of mind about your own safety and that of your passengers, as well as helping you to avoid the aggravation of a breakdown.

In addition, it will decrease the total cost of owning the vehicle by making costly one-off maintenance less likely, while increasing the mileage you get out of a tank of petrol. And finally, when you need to sell your vehicle, you are more likely to get a good price if you can show potential buyers a set of Bosch Car Service documentation proving thorough and consistent servicing.

A multi-point check is the best care a car can get. It includes most of the equipment checks, changes and top-ups that are covered by the vehicle’s servicing schedule, but it does them all in one go. Here are some of the key activities:

  • Electrical and Electronic systems
  • Tyres
  • Lights
  • Underbody
  • Horn
  • Brakes (visual inspection)
  • Wipers
  • Battery (visual inspection)
  • Fluids
  • Air conditioning system

If problems are detected during the service, Bosch Car Service will contact you to suggest a remedy and ask your permission to proceed with the work.

Whether your vehicle use is light or more intensive, you can benefit from a multi-point check. If you are one of those drivers who only uses their vehicle for brief errands such as the school run and shopping, you may be tempted to think that you aren’t in the market for this check. But the truth is that this kind of usage is actually tougher on vehicles. It commonly involves stop-start driving, which severely tests brakes, battery and lubrication, as well as increasing fuel consumption. If you often make long trips or spend hours at the wheel, the need for frequent multi-point inspections is clear. In addition, drivers in this category certainly don’t want to find themselves in serious trouble when they are far from home or in the middle of an important task.

Bosch Car Service centres are well-equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic equipment. That gives them a major advantage in detecting any potential problems with your vehicle.

Some servicing providers make the mistake of using parts and materials of a poorer quality in order to save on costs. This is a false economy, as such items simply don’t perform as well as the better-quality parts. When Bosch Car Service centres replace a part, they use genuine spares that meet the relevant OEM standard. When you check your car in for a multi-point check, you naturally want the workshop staff to take their time and get things right. So Bosch Car Service certainly won’t rush through their extensive list of checks and changes. But we do understand that your vehicle plays an important role in your life, so we will ensure that you get it back in good time.

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Brake Services

The condition of your brakes can determine whether your involved in a serious accident or you can make that sudden stop. It’s therefore important to have your brakes regularly inspected and maintained by the experts at Specialist Auto Group Hobart. With our extensive automotive knowledge, we can accurately measure the wear and tear on your brakes.  We determine your exact needs and ensure your brakes are being maintained properly.

We provide the following brake services at Specialist Auto Group Cambridge:

  • Brake component replacement
  • Brake component machining
  • Brake hose repairs
  • Brake restorations
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Specialist Auto Group Cambridge
Specialist Auto Group Cambridge

Steering And Suspension Services

Issues in your steering and suspension system can affect everything from your ride comfort, performance and handling. These issues can be first noticed as body leans when driving through corners or vibrations at speed. Although these issues seem to only affect your driving comfort, your suspension is also crucial to the safety an drivability of your vehicle.
At Specialist Auto Group Cambridge, our team is equipped to provide the following services:
  • Wheel alignments
  • Shock absorbers and springs
  • Wheel balancing
  • Bushing replacement
  • Power steering
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Exhaust Services

At Specialist Auto Group Cambridge, our expert mechanics are equipped to handle exhaust repairs and replacements. If you’ve noticed unusual sounds, leaking fluids or a loss in power and performance, you’re vehicle may have exhaust issues.
The exhaust system is a costly component. However, with adequate and regular maintenance from a expert mechanic you can be assured that your vehicle is being maintained properly.
Whether you’re experiencing an exhaust issue or needing an exhaust inspection, Specialist Auto Group Cambridge has a solution for you:
  • Exhaust replacement
  • Exhaust modifications
  • Exhaust inspection
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Specialist Auto Group Cambridge
Specialist Auto Group Cambridge

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning actually degrades more from disuse than from use, as the rubber tubing and seals dry up and crack, allowing the refrigerant gas to leak out and rob your aircon of its cooling power.

At Specialist Auto Group Cambridge, our skilled technicians can fully repair your air conditioning, swapping out any cracked tubing and seals, replacing faulty compressors, condensers and other components, and finally recharging your system with refrigerant once we’re certain its airtight.


Clutch And Transmission Services

The clutch and transmission system is comprised of some of the most complex and intricate machinery in your vehicle. It’s therefore crucial to have an expert mechanic to maintain, service and repair your vehicle. Due to their sophisticated nature, even minor issues can quickly escalate into costly repairs.

If you notice any of these warning signs, you should have your transmission checked sooner rather than later:

  • Grinding or clunking noise when changing gears
  • Difficulty staying in gear
  • A burning smell after driving
  • Leaking fluid

We provide the following clutch and transmission services at Specialist Auto Group: 

  • Automatic transmissions
  • Manual transmissions
  • Differentials
  • Clutches
  • CV Joints
  • Servicing
  • Repairs and replacement
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Specialist Auto Group Cambridge

Engine Services

At Specialist Auto Group, our team of expert mechanics have extensive knowledge and the latest diagnostic tools. With our comprehensive skills and tools, we provide the attention to detail and car necessary to work on engines. As the engine is one of the hardest working components, we ensure your engine is being maintained properly.

Here at Specialist Auto Group Cambridge, our skilled mechanics can help you with:

  • Engine rebuilds
  • Engine reconditioning
  • Engine testing
  • Engine blocks
  • Cylinder heads
  • Camshafts
  • EFI diagnostics
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Cooling System Services

If your vehicle’s cooling system is malfunctioning it can affect everything from fuel efficiency and power output to engine lifespan, as overheating and leaking coolant damages the engine. If these problems are left untreated for long enough, your vehicle will end up immobile, with the cost of repairs being comparable to buying a secondhand car!

If your vehicle is running hot, Specialist Auto Group Cambridge can help you with:

  • Radiator/heater unit repairs and replacement
  • Head gaskets
  • Coolant flush
  • Thermostat check and replacement
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Specialist Auto Group Cambridge
Specialist Auto Group Cambridge

Other Services

Here at Specialist Auto Group Cambridge, we are dedicated to providing a  comprehensive range of automotive repair services, including these additional services:

  • Windscreen repair and replacement
  • Towing organised for you
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Professional electronic system service

Battery Check

A simple battery check from Specialist Auto Group Cambridge will help you avoid the inconvenience of a dead battery. To avoid pesky inconveniences, we recommend maintaining a battery check scheduled with us.

  • Detacts battery deterioration before failure occurs
  • High-quality replacement batteries used
  • Proper disposal of old batteries
  • Solar/battery systems

It’s late at night in a dark car park. You get into your car and turn the ignition key. The engine turns over, but sluggishly. It doesn’t want to start. You try again, several times, with no success. Finally, all you hear is a click when you turn the key. Your battery is dead and you’re stranded.

That’s not a situation anyone wants to be in. And all it takes to make sure that you never get caught out in this way is a periodic car battery check from Bosch Car Service to find out whether your battery is still in good condition. This is especially advisable before and after a hard winter, since cold weather has an adverse effect on the functioning of batteries.

If the battery is found to be failing, we will recommend that you replace it with a high-quality Bosch product. This will provide you with long and reliable service.

The check will begin with a visual assessment of the battery’s physical condition. Any sign of damage is obviously a serious issue, but the Bosch Car Service engineer carrying out the battery check will also pay close attention to the terminals. If these are corroded in any way, it may mean that the power cables will not be able to form a good connection. In that case, it’s usually best to replace the battery.

The next stage is to check whether voltage of the battery is high enough to start the car. At least 75% capacity is acceptable. But it is also important to check whether that battery can actually deal with the load imposed on it when it has to crank an engine. Specialist equipment can measure that very reliably.

Finally, it is necessary to check how well the battery charges. This is particularly important if it initially showed a low voltage – the charging test will determine whether that was a sign of problems or an effect of normal circumstances such as driving for a short period of time.

In general, it is not possible to carry out maintenance on batteries, so the solution to most problems that come up during a battery check is replacement. We recommend Bosch batteries, which provide excellent reliability. We carry out the car battery fitting for you and will also dispose of your old battery in an environmentally responsible way.

Age is obviously the key factor that makes batteries deteriorate. They consist of cells containing materials that unavoidably lose their effective properties over time. So, it is only to be expected that a vehicle will require a new battery at some point.

However, this ageing process can speed up considerably if the battery voltage is frequently allowed to get low before being recharged. So, activities to avoid include making extended use of the car’s electrical devices while it is not running. Allowing the car to sit for a long period without starting it from time to time is also not recommended.

Temperature is another major factor in draining the battery. In winter, a car parked outside in cold weather may lose so much voltage that it will simply fail to start. That’s in addition to the long-term harm the battery suffers from repeated episodes of getting low and being recharged. You can help matters by keeping the car under cover in winter if possible. Checking the battery’s health before and after the winter is also a very good idea.

Finally, battery quality is a major factor in avoiding premature deterioration. So, choosing a product from the superior Bosch range is an excellent investment if car battery replacement is recommended during the battery check.

Specialist Auto Group Cambridge

Electronic Diagnosis

Electrical faults have always been notoriously tricky to deal with – it’s a job that calls for workshop staff with specialist skills and equipment. However our auto electricians are equipped with the necessary tools, skills and knowledge to provide electronic diagnostics.

Specialist Auto Group Cambridge auto electricians are able to provide the full spectrum of electrical and electronic service, from diagnosing and repairing problems with the computerized system of your vehicle to checking and changing your battery.

  • Trained and equipped to deal with electronic and electrical problems
  • Clear explanation of complex issues
  • High-quality replacement parts used

Electronics are involved in many aspects of the running of a vehicle these days. The interactions between chips, sensors and computer programs can be extremely complex, making it a serious challenge for an electronic repair service to diagnose and fix faults. That is a good reason to make Bosch Car Service your first port of call, since their expert workshop staff is well-equipped and thoroughly trained for performing an electronic service.

Gone are the days when electrical service only involved changing light bulbs, spark plugs or other auto electrical spares. Naturally, those kinds of tasks are still very much part of the auto electrical services provided by Bosch Car Service, but in addition we are able to help you with a host of problems that lie deep within the silicon chips and software of vehicles. Such issues can only be tracked down and resolved if you have advanced diagnostic equipment as well as a high level of skill and experience in electronic repair.

An expert in this field will sometimes even recognise that there is an electronic issue when confronted with symptoms that seem completely unrelated to the field of electronic service. So, whether you have a car problem that is clearly electronic or electrical in nature, or an issue that is just difficult to pin down, you should contact Bosch Car Service and ask us to investigate.

At Bosch Car Service, we know that complex and highly technical issues like electrical and electronic services can be a worry. You want to make sure that you are using an expert provider and that the difficulties will be resolved without going through a lengthy and expensive process. When you trust us to carry out this kind of maintenance, you can expect a prompt diagnosis and clear communication of exactly what steps will be required to solve the problem. The job will then be carried out by experts in the field, using reliable, high-quality parts. And when the work is complete, we will always provide you with a straightforward explanation of what the workshop staff did and why – no matter how complicated the task is.